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Hello friends!

Currently on my journey to become a teacher I am taking a class learning about technology and its benefits inside of the classroom. When I first began this class I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Why would I spend hours learning about technology when 1) the systems we are learning about are going to be outdated before I earn my degree, and 2) when I wasn’t planning to utilize it inside of my future classroom, after all, when I was in elementary school my classrooms never used it. I thought this class was utterly useless. It wasn’t until one of this classes profs came in and explained to us the beauty of technology inside of the classroom that my view point changed. I quickly saw the fault in my fixed mindset, and decided to give this class a chance. It has only been 2-weeks since my opinions on technology in the classroom did a 180, and boy I am glad they did.

I believe that using technology inside of the classroom is an amazing asset for modern teachers. When has there been a time in history where students are able to connect and work together with each their peers from the comforts of their own home? When else have students been able to communicate with teachers after school hours, and get a response back before school the next day? There hasn’t been. Until now, learning was confined to the four walls that enclose the school. I believe that if a teacher can engagingly implement technology inside of the classroom, they are opening their student to a whole world filled with learning resources.

When reading through the government documents concerning using technology inside of the classroom I was astonished at some of the facts presented to me. Did you know that, on-average, 9-16 year olds are spending an average of 88 minutes a day online? Or that 95% of all teens are using the internet? That’s amazing! When will you ever find a student who spends their free time parroozing through textbooks, or power pint presentations? My guess would be never. As teachers, we are able to take a resource that students are already familiar with, and use it to aid in their learning. We are able to take something they are interested in, and are already familiar with, to make their education experience more enjoyable. If we are able to utilize the ‘Digital Citizenship’ student have, we can drastically improve the engagement students have inside of the classroom. (stats taken from

One article I read (which can be found at talks about the reasons people don’t post blogs. They either find that 1) blogging is useless, 2) they have no time, 3) their a private person, or 4) no one cares what they have to say. Frankly, before this article I would have agreed with all of those statements. But it wasn’t until the author of this post disputed all of those statements. As I could not state these as eloquently as the author of this blog, I’ll save my breath and let you read this post for yourself! So to get in the habit of blogging, and using technology inside of my classroom, I have created this blog! I hope you will follow along with me and watch me grow into the teacher I dream to be!


  • Miss Krystin Carroll




One thought on “Technology Inside the Classroom

  1. cammiekannekens says:

    Hi Krystin,
    I’m glad to see the growth mindset when it comes to technology! I think you’ll find that even for elementary teachers, there are some fascinating opportunities to use technology, like Miss Cassidy’s Grade 1 classroom blog, or the “How to comment on a blog” video by the elementary school kids. Keep that mindset growth oriented!
    Cammie K


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