My Experience with a QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Recently in my EDTS 325 class, I had the opportunity to take part in a QR Code Scavenger Hunt. Our class was split into teams, and we had to run around the college looking for different QR codes in various locations. While doing this we were also instructed to take pictures of where we thought QR codes should have been located. Once we found a QR Code or a place where we though one should be, we were supposed to upload the image onto either Padlet or Goosechase. My team decided to be the Guinee pigs and use Padelt while the other teams used Goosechase. Unfortunately, there was a glitch with the Padlet link, and we were unable to upload images in real time and participate properly with the rest of our class. However, we were flexible (as teachers often have to be) and uploaded our images onto Padlet once we returned to the classroom. There were both pros and cons to using Padlet for a scavenger hunt:


-Padlet is accessible anywhere

-Padlet is easy to log on to

– Padlet makes uploading images easy


-The glitch did not allow us to participate in the game at the same time as our classmates

-Pictures take a while to upload onto Padlet, therefore hindering the game if it was based on time

I didn’t have the chance to experience Goosechase, but the information that I collected from my peers led me to believe that it was a very fun program that successfully allowed them to participate in the QR Code Scavenger Hunt. In my future teaching career, I will defiantly try out Goosechase during a QR Code Scavenger Hunt and will report back its success rate. Stay tuned!

-Miss Krystin Carroll


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