Analyzing my Digital Citizenship

Hey everyone!

On my journey to become an educator I’ve been challenged to look at my digital footprint and see what is out online about me. In order to complete this task, I decided to do a quick google search of my name and see what is online about me. To my delight, the first thing that popped up was my teaching twitter account.  Score! But then the second thing that popped up was my personal twitter account from high school. After taking a trip down memory lane by looking through this account, I realized anyone who would read that would only be ale to find out I have an immense love for Harry Potter. Even though that twitter account doesn’t have anything bad on it, I think I will set it to private so that no one else can par-ooze the thoughts 16-year-old Krystin had. The next 3 articles that come up all have to do with my education persona, so things like my educational blog, my teaching portfolio, and another link to my twitter account. Overall I would rate my digital footprint as being very good, and I would love if someone in the educational realm where to google my name and see all of these websites about myself!

Some ways I wish to improve my digital footprint are to have more information online about me that don’t come from things I’ve created. I find a lot of value in volunteering in and around Medicine Hat, and having these different things be acknowledged would be great for my digital footprint. If the newspaper were to post more about these things, I think that would look good to students, their parents and potential employers. From the social media I am on you cannot tell that volunteering is something I hold near to my heart even if I were to blog more, tweet more my digital citizenship would be a more accurate depiction of who I am.

If a superintendent asked my “What social media are you on and what does it tell about you”, I would be able to confidently say that my social media shows how I am a professional individual, who has a passion for children and for my community

-Miss Krystin Carroll


One thought on “Analyzing my Digital Citizenship

  1. Emily Weimer says:

    Hello Miss Carroll,
    It’s awesome that your profiles came up when you google’d yourself! I did not have the same luck as nothing that was actually mine didn’t come up until the second page! Although this may be seen as a plus in that I can’t be found, I want future employers to be able to see what I am all about! I love that you can share your passion for the community through your digital footprint as newspaper companies also release their articles online.
    I look forward to reading more! Thanks!
    Emily Weimer


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