Importance of Literacy

Currently I am taking a class about the importance of literacy in school and how literacy plays a major role in everyday life. Inside of this class we watched a video called Mina smiles. It’s a movie about how a women’s journey to becoming literate. I thought it was so powerful and moving that I thought I would share it one here for you guys to take a look at. Check out the video here:

Along with this video we were shown statistics about illiteracy within the world. You can see these stats below. Picture1

When first presented with these facts I was astonished to see just how many people in the world are illiterate. The initial thought that crossed my mind when reading these stats was: If there are some many people in the world who are illiterate, then it must not be a big deal, Right? Wrong. Inspired by this question I decided to dig deeper about literacy and how it affects our everyday lives. Here is what I found out:

  • Every dollar invested in adult literacy yields a $7.14 return in investment
  • In the US —85% of juvenile offenders have problems with reading, writing, and basic math
  • In Canada less than 20% of people with the lowest literacy skills are employed

Again, I was surprised to see how much of an impact literacy made on the day to day lives of people. This information has made me look at the importance of reading in a whole new light, and I have decided to make literacy a key component inside of my classroom.

What do you think about literacy and its value not only inside that classroom, but within our day to day lives? Let me know in the comments below!

-Miss Krystin Carroll

*All information in this post is from my EDTS 371 class.                                              Whidden, Colleen. (2016). Class Notes [PowerPoint presentation]. Medicine Hat, AB.


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